Non-Credit and Credit Alignment: How Students Benefit from a More Seamless Experience

The Non-Credit and Credit Alignment Lab (NCAL) is a two-year initiative led by Education Strategy Group (ESG) and the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) to support 20 community colleges and four community college systems in developing new or improved pathways between non-credit and credit programs. As part of NCAL, participating colleges worked to eliminate the silos that too often exist across non-credit and credit divisions, to ensure that the students were being well served, whether in a credit program or not.

As non-credit programs grow in popularity, what can non-credit to credit students teach us about opportunities to build more seamless pathways to increase credential attainment? 

Below are the stories of six students, as well as video profiles of their three respective colleges to help the field understand what it takes to serve this unique population of students and ensure they are able to access the high-paying, in-demand jobs that will help them, and their families, thrive.

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A Student Story: Alexis Primo

A Student Story: Amy West

A Student Story: Flora Hamamura

A Student Story: Kelly Grimmer

A Student Story: Kilma Fontes

A Student Story: Lizbeth Criollo