Our Work

We work with America’s education leaders and employers to design, scale, and implement strategies that improve attainment and advance equity. We specialize in strengthening the transition points that have the highest stakes for youth and adults and the highest benefit for states, communities, and economies. We believe that success in each level of our system should be defined, in part, based on our ability to prepare peopleparticularly those who have historically been underservedfor success at the next level.

At the intersection of K-12, postsecondary and workforce

In today’s economy, success largely depends on attainment of a credential beyond high school. ESG supports the preparation, entry and success of individuals from K-12 through postsecondary education to build a more equitable system, open economic doors for all, and strengthen our democracy.

Creating on-ramps to successful futures

Transitions and teamwork determine an education system’s success. We work to catalyze and strengthen cross-sector partnerships to set ambitious goals, align expectations, and build structured supports to help all youth and adults attain postsecondary credentials that are valued by employers. We help our clients achieve scale and impact through policy development, strategic communication, and execution.

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