Who We Are

ESG is a mission-driven consulting firm that works with K-12, higher education, and workforce leaders to achieve greater impact. We work across sectors to move the needle on issues that are critical to improving student success and advancing equity.

Partners who’ve been there

The ESG team’s diverse relationships and years of experience help our clients navigate the political and technical challenges inherent in developing and implementing a student success agenda. As a team, we bring years of combined federal, state, and local experience building networks, developing policies, and implementing programs to support students. Individually, we have witnessed the power that an alignment agenda can have for traditionally underserved students – a big reason why we’re in this work.

Committed to dramatic improvement

We are deeply familiar with the challenges that come with this work, and we are not shy about the need to radically redesign our nation’s systems to promote success, especially for those from traditionally underserved populations. We are passionate about quality, scale and impact, and believe our work can make a difference for the future of our country. We stand ready to support communities, states, national partners, and foundations in delivering on a collective vision for student success.

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