Case Studies: The Momentum Metrics Network

How can districts better leverage data to help their students access and succeed in higher education? Since releasing the framework that introduced the “Momentum Metrics” — eight of the most predictive indicators of students’ postsecondary preparation, retention, and success — ESG has been supporting district leaders in building a strategy to put the power of these metrics into action. 

Over the past two years, ESG has provided individualized coaching to a set of Tennessee districts, enabling district teams to analyze data, assess implementation capacity, identify sources of funding, and design and implement aligned district strategies to increase college and career readiness. During year one, district teams created action plans to drive improvements on specific Momentum Metrics; in year two, each district focused on deeper implementation of one of their plan’s core elements. 

These three new case studies feature the work of three districts in Tennessee: Clarksville-Montgomery County School System, Hamilton County Schools, and Metro Nashville Public Schools. Read on to learn how these leading districts are building actionable strategies to support students’ postsecondary success. 

Resource downloads

Aligning Postsecondary Advising: Metro Nashville Public Schools

Data-Driven Early Postsecondary Opportunities: Hamilton County Schools

Supporting the Transition to 9th Grade: Clarksville-Montgomery County School System