Case Studies: The Momentum Metrics in Action

Using the Most Predictive Metrics of College Access and Success

In August 2020, ESG published From Tails to Heads: Building Momentum for Postsecondary Success and introduced the concept of “Momentum Metrics” — eight of the most predictive indicators of postsecondary preparation, retention, and success. Now, we’re pleased to share three new case studies that illustrate how a district, a state, and an intermediary organization are using different Momentum Metrics to improve the support they provide for students’ postsecondary readiness and success. 

In the case studies, you can learn more about: 

– How San Antonio Independent School District’s robust data systems enabled the district to provide customized reports about students’ advanced coursework potential to incentivize schools to enroll students in advanced courses;

– The Connecticut State Department of Education’s statewide leadership on data transparency (and friendly competition) around FAFSA completion; and,

– The impact of The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools’ efforts to both match students to best-fit colleges and support them over the summer to ensure seamless enrollment. 

Download each case study below to learn more.

Resource downloads

Case Study: The Connecticut State Department of Education

Case Study: The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools

Case Study: San Antonio Independent School District