Cultivating Connections

A Framework For Building, Strengthening, And Mobilizing Students’ Social Capital


When it comes to careers, who you know can be just as important as what you know. 

Social capital—the benefits that stem from networks, relationships, and connections—can unlock and open doors to economic and career success for all learners. But if students don’t develop the ability to build networks and use their relationships to advance their career goals, many of them will fall short of their dreams and employers will miss out on qualified, diverse talent. 

Education Strategy Group is proud to introduce Cultivating Connections, a new microsite that presents a framework for how to more purposefully integrate social capital development into educational pathways. The site offers tools, resources, and on-the-ground lessons from two years of work with 10 communities across the country that ESG has supported in deepening and expanding their social capital efforts.  

Cultivating Connections is a resource for K-12, higher education, and workforce leaders who want to strengthen educational pathways to more intentionally help students develop the skills, confidence, and agency to leverage existing relationships and build new connections in pursuit of their educational and professional aspirations. 

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Cultivating Connections Framework Overview