Enhancing Equity in Dual Enrollment to Catalyze College Enrollment and Success

Lessons from ESG's work with the Los Angeles College Accelerator Network

Dual enrollment, along with other forms of early postsecondary opportunities, is found to promote academic momentum and college success for students of color and students from low-income communities; however, students often experience inequitable access to these opportunities and accompanying supports that foster student success and seamless postsecondary transitions.

In 2021, ESG began partnering with the Greater LA Education Foundation (GLAEF) and Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) in their efforts to address these barriers in Los Angeles County communities.

Through the Los Angeles College Accelerator Network (LA-CAN), ESG has supported nine participating districts by creating a professional learning community for districts to build stronger relationships with community colleges, advising and advocacy organizations, and interact with their data to develop equity-focused action plans to enhance their dual enrollment offerings and supports.

This white paper, published in partnership with GLAEF and LACOE, lays out lessons learned and key recommendations for other districts and communities looking to build more equitable dual enrollment experiences for their students.

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