Career Readiness Initiative Strategic Planning Tool

To help states leverage the result of their needs assessments and develop a comprehensive action plan, the national project partners – Education Strategy Group, Council of Chief State School Officers and Advance CTE – have developed a framework to lay out the key actions, stakeholders and timeline states need to address, as well as the broader implementation issues that need to be considered during strategic planning.

As part of states’ involvement in the New Skills for Youth Initiative, they conducted an in depth needs assessment as well as a comprehensive, three-year career readiness action plan.

States used this tool to address all six of the major New Skills for Youth objectives in their strategic planning:

  • Demand driven and employer led processes
  • Rigor and quality in career pathways for all
  • Career-focused accountability systems
  • Scaled pathways that culminate in credentials
  • Align state and federal funding stream

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Career Readiness Initiative Strategic Planning Tool