Casey Haugner Wrenn


Casey Haugner Wrenn joined ESG in 2022 as a Director on the Career Readiness team, where she supports work on aligning high-quality K-12, postsecondary, and industry pathways. Previously, Casey spent over a decade at the Tennessee Department of Education, where she served as Assistant Commissioner. During her tenure at TDOE, Casey oversaw national, consortia, and statewide summative and formative assessments for the state. Prior to her role leading assessment, Casey served as Assistant Commissioner of College, Career, and Technical Education and led much of the state’s work reforming career and technical education course standards and alignment to certifications, as well as overseeing postsecondary and career readiness programs, including statewide ACT/SAT testing, FAFSA filing, and school counseling, and advising. In this role, she also served as designee member of the State Workforce Development Board.

Prior to joining the department, Casey was a site manager with TNTP (The New Teacher Project), supporting several Tennessee districts in hiring and training teachers for high need schools and subject areas. She came to education non-traditionally, beginning her career in finance and public sector consulting with Deloitte’s federal practice in Washington D.C. after earning her Masters of Business Administration from Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business. Casey also holds a Masters of Education from the Broad Residency in Urban Education and a Bachelors of Arts in English from Tulane University. She grew up in rural Arkansas and has two children—Josephine and Randall—with her husband Ryan.

Why are you in this work?

I came to education from the business world – investment banking and consulting – after watching significant change happen with great teachers and great leaders in cities like New Orleans and Washington, D.C. I feel strongly that the skills I developed in the private sector are better served being dedicated to improving systems so that every kid, including two of my own, have access to the fullness of their potential, regardless of their background. I’ve spent more than a decade supporting education non-profits, local school districts, and state agencies to develop aligned policies, processes, and programs that support this vision for all kids, toward the economic vitality of communities across our country.

Why ESG?

ESG is uniquely positioned as both a thought leader and a high-quality implementer of postsecondary and career readiness work in schools, districts, and state agencies across the country. ESG’s commitment to equity as a foundation of our work is also incredibly important. Being a member of this team allows me to work closely with experts who share my passion for career readiness and challenge me to grow and do my best work, all while expanding my opportunity for student impact.

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