Enroll. Complete. Compete.

Using the Federal Stimulus to Advance Learner Success

Over two years ago, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted norms in higher education and altered learning environments. The pandemic continues to affect postsecondary education, including impacting enrollment, retention, and completion rates.

As part of its Accelerating Recovery through Credentials work, ESG has developed a new framework—”Enroll. Complete. Compete.”—which aims to help leaders move beyond backfilling damaged budgets and calls upon the field to invest in long-term solutions with one-time funds. It is clear that we have an opportunity to help more learners enroll in higher education, complete a credential of value, and compete in our global economy using the federal stimulus.

In addition to the framework, new case studies and briefs illustrate how innovative higher education learners are strategically and innovatively deploying the federal higher education emergency relief funds (HEERF) to uplift students and our economy.

Resource downloads

The “Enroll. Complete. Compete.” Framework

CASE STUDY: Improvement Bets on Campus: HEERF and Strategies for Student Success at Durham Technical Community College

CASE STUDY: Using the Federal Stimulus as a Fast Track to Economic Mobility at Lorain County Community College

BRIEF: Advancing Basic Needs Support at Amarillo College Using HEERF

BRIEF: Pima Community College’s Effort to Serve Refugees and Adult Basic Education Learners Using HEERF