Career Readiness

Working with education, workforce, and business leaders, ESG helps states and school districts expand high-quality, work-based learning experiences that meet employers’ needs and students’ interests. We work to engage employers in all aspects of the education and training pipeline, promoting opportunities to close skills gaps and fill current and future job openings.

Scale programs aligned with labor market needs

Some career preparation programs are excellent. Others are dead ends, producing no value for students or employers. ESG helps states and communities strengthen the connection between career programming, labor market data, and employer needs to design demand-driven systems that prepare students for high-paying jobs that employers struggle to fill.

Strengthen partnerships with employers

As the endpoint of the education and training systems, employers must have a leadership role in their development—one that empowers them to identify high-demand, high-skill industries, validate that credentials have value in the workplace, and develop a suite of authentic work-based learning experiences. ESG helps K-12 and higher education leaders build and expand partnerships with business and industry to ensure that real doors of opportunity open when a student completes a pathway.

Expand learning through doing

Work-based learning activities—such as internships and apprenticeships—allow students to engage in tasks that are both connected to classroom learning and offer exposure to industry standards and workplace expectations for communication, collaboration and problem-solving. ESG works to build partnerships between K-12 and postsecondary systems and employers to provide opportunities for students to expand their knowledge and skills outside the classroom.