Janeva Wilson


Janeva holds a Bachelors in Psychology from Winston-Salem State University, a historically Black college in North Carolina. Recently, she graduated with her M.Ed. in Educational Policy and Planning from The University of Texas at Austin. Janeva began her career in education as a qualitative researcher, exploring racial disparities impacting Black youth and Black male pre-service teachers. While pursuing her graduate degree, she worked in higher education supporting programmatic efforts to increase retention and graduation rates. She has also worked with education policy nonprofits focused on improving racial equity in education through research and policy implementation assistance. 

Why are you in this work?

I believe that every student should have access to a high-quality and equitable education regardless of their race or socioeconomic status. The educational system was intentionally designed to lock certain students out of opportunities and resources, so my career passions lie in improving practices and policies to redress that. 

Why ESG?

ESG has an intentional commitment to equity that is necessary to ameliorate systemic inequities in education, especially those experienced by marginalized students. 

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