Dany Rossman


Dany Rossman joined ESG in 2023 as part of the growing Communications team tasked with amplifying the stories of the people and communities who are creating better and more equitable educational opportunities for students. 

Prior to joining ESG, Dany spent nearly fifteen years working at several education PR, Marketing, and Communications agencies, where she led day-to-day strategy and client engagement for philanthropic, non-profit, and educational technology clients across the P-20 spectrum. Her work has always focused on lifting up the voices of the educators, students, and families who make our education system great. 

Dany graduated from Wright State University with a BA in English. A native of small town Ohio, she now lives in the Denver area with her husband and three young children. 

Why are you in this work?

There are 17,000 school districts, 4,000 colleges and universities, and 77 million students  in the US. There are so many rich and diverse perspectives—and meaningful experiences—that aren’t always reflected in the larger media narratives and policy conversations about the state of our education system. I think that there is power in sharing those stories, not just to showcase good work and change that is occurring within school communities, but to actually drive the change in those systems.

Why ESG?

Too often, folks see students “falling through cracks” as just a routine and expected outcome; but ESG is focused on doing the hard work to understand why and how these cracks emerged, and how to direct the right resources and people to fix them so that no other student ever falls through again.

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