Claire Singer

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

Claire Singer joined Education Strategy Group in 2018 to provide administrative support to the President and the ESG Team overall. Before ESG, Claire worked in land conservation, public health and international banking sectors as a senior executive assistant. Claire graduated with a B.A. in French from Mills College and is still impassioned by European culture, travel and culinary interests.

Why are you in this work?

Having had a solid educational experience that allowed the kind of growth that led to my understanding and appreciation for economic and social success has been the main motivator for working in the education sector. All students across the board are deserving of myriad opportunities in K-12 and through postsecondary transition.

Why ESG?

ESG and its mission appealed to me immediately since I believe in the catalyst of change for the greater good. ESG strives consistently to enhance the most effective ways to advocate change and support better policies in our education system.

Connect with Claire

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