Adam Lowe


Adam Lowe joined ESG as a Director supporting the Postsecondary Transitions portfolio in 2023 after supporting the organization as an Advisor for several years. Adam began collaborating with ESG in 2018, providing policy advising and technical assistance to clients on postsecondary transitions and alignment of K12 and higher education sectors. Over the past two decades working in the education sector, Adam has applied his analytical and stakeholder engagement skills to facilitate institutional change and improvement across all levels of K12 and higher education initiatives at the local, district, state, and national levels.

Adam served as the first Executive Director of the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) – leading the organization through a period of rapid growth and transition over his 9 year tenure. Adam led NACEP’s Board of Directors through three rounds of strategic planning, refining it vision and charting the direction of the organization’s work.  To amplify the impact of NACEP’s strong peer network, he increased NACEP’s engagement with state higher education systems and agencies to scale its accreditation and quality improvement work.   He regularly advised on legislation and regulatory policy that impacted dual and concurrent enrollment programs at the state and federal level, and worked with four partner organizations to establish the College in High School Alliance to further support the development of policies that address both equity and quality in the field by collectively harnessing the efforts of 70 leading state and national organizations.

Prior to joining NACEP, Adam spent a decade as an education consultant for a variety of universities, nonprofit organizations and state and federal agencies in Washington, D.C.; Indiana, and North Carolina.  He supported high school innovation and scale-up of the New Tech and Early College models in Indiana, managed statewide stakeholder engagement processes on college transitions and career readiness, and assisted charter school authorizers in developing appropriate quality assurance mechanisms.

Why are you in this work?

I enjoy providing meaningful opportunities for diverse and disparate groups of stakeholders to join together in a common goal of breaking down institutional barriers to student success.  I’m convinced that increased higher education attainment for all students produces a more equitable, just, and economically thriving society – and strive to contribute to that future.

Why ESG?

ESG’s tagline says it all – achieving greater impact. Institutional change is hard, and ESG has a track record of providing critical external support, expertise, and solutions to enable talented people working within the system to drive improvement in student outcomes.

Connect with Adam

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