Postsecondary Success

Our rapidly changing economy demands we improve postsecondary credential attainment. Postsecondary credentials—including high-quality certificates, 2-year, and 4-year degrees—provide youth and adults a substantial leg-up in the economy, strengthen civic participation and help all states build a robust, competitive workforce. We help higher education systems and institutions adopt more effective student transition, placement, and support strategies.

Use attainment goals to spur action

Higher education leaders in more than 30 states have set postsecondary attainment goals aligned to our economy’s new demands. Yet, too few K-12 systems have aligned their goals to put students and the state on a path to success. And too many states are operating without a clear plan for increasing postsecondary preparation and success. ESG brings K-12 and higher education leaders together to identify gaps in student success, set aligned attainment goals, and, most importantly, develop a collective plan for meeting those goals.

Expand access and readiness

Millions of youth graduate high school, but need remediation in college. This is costly and frustrating for students and states. ESG supports the development, execution, and scale of statewide transition strategies that target gaps in student preparation. Taking advantage of the 12th grade year to provide students accelerated opportunities to gain postsecondary credit or catch up on knowledge and skills they have not yet mastered is one successful strategy.

Scale strategies to increase attainment

ESG works with states, systems, and institutions to identify and scale best practices for increasing credential attainment. Nationally, there is a growing list of successful examples to redesign developmental education, provide tailored supports to youth and returning adults, and facilitate student transfer that have led to improved retention and completion.