Josh Kim


Joshua Kim is pursuing a Master’s degree in Education and Social Policy at New York University. Before joining ESG, Josh interned at another education consulting firm and at Teach for America, where he gained first-hand experience in driving systematic change in K-12 education. Prior to attending graduate school, Josh dedicated his skills to finance. His experiences include corporate investment banking, where he supported front-office staff in M&A advisory and capital raising within the industrials coverage group. Josh has had a longstanding interest in education and is now utilizing his skills to support policy change grounded in equity. Josh graduated with Dean’s List honors from NYU Stern in 2022, earning a bachelor’s degree in Finance and a minor in Teacher Education.

Why are you in this work?

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher since I was young. However, I realized my expertise could be best used for macro-level changes in the education system. My experiences in both finance and education have shown me the significant impact that strategic planning and policy development can have on educational outcomes. By working at the intersection of these fields, I believe I can leverage my analytical skills and passion for education to drive systemic change.

Why ESG?

I chose ESG because of its commitment to driving meaningful change in the education system through strategic planning and policy development. ESG’s mission of fostering equity and achieving greater impact aligns with my passion for improving educational outcomes on a macro level. Furthermore, ESG is growing exponentially, and being part of such a dynamic and rapidly expanding organization offers an incredible opportunity for professional growth and the chance to contribute to significant advancements in education.

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