Andrina Hires


Andrina is a graduate student at Georgia State University studying Program Evaluation and Assessment. Previously, Andrina was a Portfolio Manager at the Georgia Institute of Technology and was part of a team of highly skilled associates that drive and enable organizational improvements across the Georgia Tech campus. Before Georgia Tech, Andrina worked for AdvancED, the world’s largest community of educators. She oversaw the development, release, and maintenance of a portfolio of digital continuous improvement tools – with a subscription base of nearly 40,000 member institutions.

An active member of the Project Management Institute, she believes that project management, oversight, and helping people get to the finish line are her natural talents. In addition to professional duties, Andrina served as the Vice President of her neighborhood Property Owners Association (POA) for 10 years and led the way in managing services, vendors, and contracts resulting in significant cost savings for the POA.

Why are you in this work? 

Academically, I’m studying to broaden my understanding of how policy shows up in and shapes everyday life. I find the coursework at Georgia State University thought provoking and challenging.  I’ve worked informally in the area of Program Assessment & Evaluation for several years and I am happy to share that the program is giving me the opportunity to study this area in a more formal way. Professionally, I like working with engaged strategic leaders on highly visible projects that don’t have clear completion paths. I enjoy providing organizations with the framework needed to be successful while managing the shift from theory and strategy to implementation and delivery.         

Why ESG?  

I applied to intern this summer at ESG because I believe that I could add value and learn from others.  I am particularly interested in the support that ESG provides to leaders in their efforts to close equity gaps and measure effectiveness.  This work is important and I wanted an opportunity to learn from others who have significant professional experience in this area.  

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