Building a Collaborative for Student Success

In 2012, ESG helped to design an innovative partnership to support higher academic standards in America’s schools. Nearly all states were implementing more ambitious K-12 academic standards and assessments in their efforts to improve student achievement and close gaps. As they raised expectations, they recognized how important it was to build capacity in their schools and build understanding and support among stakeholders critical to the long-term success of their reform efforts. The Collaborative for Student Success was launched in response to states’ requests for help.

Advocating for aligned expectations

The mission of the Collaborative is two-fold: (a) to support local organizations and advocates in state-led efforts to educate and inform all stakeholders — including parents, students, teachers and community leaders — about the need for and benefit of high, consistent state standards and high-quality assessments; and, (b) ensure fact-based discussion about education standards and assessments that accurately represents the thousands of teachers and academic experts who have contributed to the creation and implementation of high standards across the country.

Building a sustainable organization

ESG was brought in on the front end to help design the Collaborative. We conducted extensive interviews and analyses with leaders across the states to better understand the needs in the field. We guided the development of strategies to help address those needs. We advised on how best to structure the organization to allow for immediate impact. And we helped bring together philanthropic organizations from across the country to work together to support the Collaborative’s launch.

The Collaborative for Student Success is an example of how education leaders can work together to stand up new organizations designed to fill critical needs. ESG is proud to have played a lead role in its conceptualization and development.

For more information, visit Collaborative for Student Success.