Krissy Haynes

Executive Assistant

Krissy Haynes joined Education Strategy Group as our Executive Assistant in July 2016. Krissy directly supports the President of ESG, Matt Gandal. She coordinates all Matt’s meetings, events and travel. Krissy also handles many of ESG’s accounting functions, such as accounts payable and receivable. She is experienced with Microsoft Office and Quickbooks.

Krissy is also currently working as the Executive Assistant of the National Association of System Heads. Prior to joining the Education Strategy Group, Krissy was the Executive Assistant and Office Manager at the Education Delivery Institute, where she supported members of the executive team. Prior to becoming an Executive Assistant, Krissy was a flight attendant for Continental Airlines. She also has experience as a software tester and fifth grade teacher.

Krissy holds a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Texas A&M University.

Why are you in this work?

Helping students grow and succeed has always been a goal of mine. As a teacher, I was able to have a direct impact on children’s lives. Now I am able to work at a company that is able to have a greater impact as ESG helps students nationwide.

Why ESG?

I love working for ESG because the people are phenomenal. Everyone here is bright, talented and has a passion for our work. I learn something new from them every day.

Connect with Krissy

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